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In this video blog, Lee Frederiksen asks three questions that will help you determine if your content is hated or anticipated, and how this can help your firm.


I’m going to ask you an embarrassing question. Is your content, that stuff you’re putting out there for potential clients, is it hated or is it anticipated? Which is it? Well, here’s a few ways to find out.

Let’s start with “who is it about?” If you find, look at your content, if you find it’s mostly about you, about your firm, about what you do, about who had joined the firm, about the services you offer, eh, there’s a likelihood it’s not going to be anticipated as much. You’re trying to sell something and if it’s not helping the client, it’s probably more likely on the hated side.

The second question to ask is “what’s the value I’m adding?” What is the value of this content. Again, if it’s only about you and your services, the only value is they learn a little bit about what you offer. But I don’t think most people are going to see that as “boy, that’s a great value.” Think, instead, of what can you instruct the person on, how can you educate them about something, how can you make them a better consumer of services or more knowledgeable about what issues that might impact that. If you’re doing those kinds of things, it’s more likely to be anticipated.

The third question, and the third place to look is, “is it missed?” Do people express appreciation to you? “Wow, I follow your content- it’s really helpful!” Do they open emails regularly? Do they express that kind of appreciation? If you miss a time or they miss something, they’re asking you about it. If they aren’t doing that, actively expressing appreciation and telling you how much you’re valued, it’s unfortunately probably the case is that your content is not really anticipated that much. It’s not really valued that much.

Turn it upside down, make it about them, deliver some value, and I think you’re going to find that people are really going to start to appreciate the content that you share with them.

If you want to dig deeper and learn more about this topic, we suggest that you go to and check out the Visible Firm course. It might be exactly what you’re looking for to help make your content anticipated rather than dreaded.