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What does it mean to have a responsive website? Simply put, a “responsive” website means that your website can adapt to all screen sizes. In this video, Karl Feldman shares three reasons why your firm needs to have a responsive website.


Okay. Let’s nerd out today on responsive and adaptive website design. First of all, what does that mean? It’s basically taking your website and making sure that it can adapt or respond to the wide range of mobile devices that are out there. Now, all of us, we all know… I think everyone watching this video probably has a different size phone or tablet or what have you that you’re looking at this on, so we wanna make sure that your website is taking that into account and presenting the best user experience possible.

And that’s important for a few reasons. One, it’s gonna continue to be more and more the place that users are consuming your content. And two, devices are gonna continue to evolve, so responsive and adaptive doesn’t mean like it used to, “Oh, you need a tablet design or a phone design.” Your website has to be truly flexible to adapt to whatever crazy, new, super tall phone comes out, and it needs to work for a touch interface. It’s also important because platforms like Google or all the main social media platforms continue to put more emphasis on this. So it’s gonna be a key to driving your website’s visibility because they know that it’s crucial to their users and how they’re going to monetize their products.

So make sure you don’t miss the boat on responsive and adaptive design. If you’d like to learn more, I encourage you to check out Hope you enjoyed nerding out with me on responsive and adaptive design for your website. Thanks for listening.

Karl Feldman