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With these tips, learn how to turn passive site visitors into engaged prospects — guiding them to provide contact information and other relevant lead-capturing data.

Video Transcription:

Hi. Today, we’re gonna talk about offers and CTAs, or in others words, how to get people to do stuff on your website.

Now, remember, we’re talking about professional services here, not selling widgets. So the most important thing to get is, what are we actually offering? What’s the call to action? How does it fit into the system?

Why are offer and CTA’s important?

From our research, we know it’s crucial at every stage, and you need offers and calls to action to address those. So whether you’re attracting prospects on that broad part of the funnel, you’re building engagement and trust, or you’re giving a call to action so users can raise their hand and say, “Yes, I’d like to talk to you,” it’s important to have offers and calls to actions that work across the system.

Getting started

So start with offers and calls to action that build awareness. These can be easy things, like just connecting to a different part of your site or offering a little piece of high-level content that helps the user understand what you do a little better. Then you can ramp it up and start to build a little more trust and understanding.

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That might be a premium download piece. It might be something like a white paper, really hefty that gives you a little bit more understanding of what you do, and it starts to build more of that trust so that then, you can sprinkle in those calls to action with the form that say, “Yes, I trust you. I know that you can help me with my project. Please have someone call me.”

Now, I could talk about this stuff all day long and how to test this and make this really effective, but I encourage you if you’d like to learn more about this, check out our Visible Firm Course on Thanks. Talk to you again soon.

Karl Feldman