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Learn how take a scientific approach to decision making with these considerations around A/B testing for professional services.


Hi, let’s talk about easy A/B testing today. We’re gonna start out with, first, are you doing it wrong? Remember that this is professional services, not retail, so there are some considerations we wanna think about for A/B testing in our space.

Why A/B Test?

We care about this because A/B testing is a great way to get some objective direction, increased performance, and we care about that because that is the key to getting sustained support in your organization. When you say that something is doing well and you have numbers to back that up instead of just saying it’s pretty and we like it, that’s gonna really help your case.

Tools for A/B Testing

At Hinge we use a tool called Optimizely, but no matter what you use, you’ll want to consider the statistical significance setting, because for professional services you wanna have that dialed up a little higher than you would if you’re doing something like retail. The key reason is, while you can test smaller steps, more incremental change when you’re selling a widget, with professional service, we need a clear direction. Did they like the orange button? Did they like the blue button? And, with that, make sure that you’re only changing one thing at a time because you’re taking a scientific approach. It’s tempting sometimes to cross thread some different ideas, test this landing page versus that landing page, and change a few things at once, but discipline yourself and only change one thing so that you know clearly what you should or shouldn’t do.

Also, use your tool to target your A/B testing and just keep experimenting, incremental steps. I could talk about this all day long, but if you wanna learn more about this, I encourage you to check out our Visible Firm Course on Thanks, and I’ll talk to you next time.

Karl Feldman