The Hinge Research Institute is releasing a special Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry version of its breakthrough study of professional services buyers and the firms that they hire. It’s called Inside the Buyer’s Brain: Architecture, Engineering and Construction Edition. 

Why This Study Matters to You

AEC firms have been facing a fairly consistent set of challenges in recent years: fighting for top talent, differentiating in a competitive market and adapting to swift changes in the evaluation and selection process. 

Leading marketers and business developers have strained to compete at scale with digital techniques like content marketing, email and social media—but where are the results? How have things shifted (or accelerated) in the midst of a global pandemic? 

Read on to preview practical insights that will shed light on the most relevant trends shaping AEC buying behavior today, what challenges lie ahead and key points to consider.

About the Study

The original Inside the Buyer’s Brain study, published in 2013, provided the first comprehensive look at the differing perspectives of buyers and sellers throughout the professional services buyers’ journey.

An updated version of the study was published in 2018. Since then, the marketplace has changed considerably, so we released this follow-up study in 2020. During our analysis, we noticed significant differences between industry audiences, prompting us to develop industry-specific reports for the first time.

Karl Feldman