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Do you have the right combination of marketing tools and techniques specifically tailored to your firms needs? Liz Harr explains what works best at each different phase of the buyer journey.


So you’re charged with running your firm, whether you’re in the leadership or a marketing director, and you have that nagging feeling that although you’ve got a handle on some of the techniques you know that other firms are using, and get traction with, your firm just isn’t getting there. That’s symptomatic of a broken marketing system.

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I’ve talked to a lot of firms that have this issue. And what I mean by that is there isn’t proper balance across the different phases of the buyer journey to attract them, engage with them, and get them to ultimately select your firm.

Phases of the Buyer Journey

So let’s talk about these different phases. First is ensuring that you have enough of the proper techniques and tools to attract the visitors in the first place.

Then you need to have tools and techniques that help them engage with you if they’re not quite ready to raise their hand and do business with you.

And finally, enough tools and techniques that encourage them to select you as a firm.

Content for Different Phases of the Funnel

Let’s talk about some of the things that work best at each of these different phases of the funnel. When you’re just looking to attract the attention of people who don’t yet know you, open access types of content, and things that are easy to digest, quick to read, that’s what works best at this phase. So things like blogs, and video blogs, case stories, even that in-person type of technique like speaking and networking. That works best when you’re just at that early stage of someone getting to know you.


In the middle of the funnel are where pieces of content that you can ask for information in exchange for download of…so downloadable guides and white papers, where people might be willing to give you an email in exchange for. That’s what works best in this middle stage of the funnel. And finally at the end of the funnel, if you have successfully balanced the tools and techniques across the first two stages, that’s where you can get traction with things like demos and free consultations.

Now, those are some techniques that are important in order to make sure your marketing system isn’t broken, but what about tools?

Tools for a Successful Marketing System

There’s really two tools that need to be in place in order for these techniques to succeed.

First is SEO. Make sure that all your content is properly optimized so people can actually find it.

Second is an offer strategy. We find, time and again, that firms skip over this important step, and all I’m talking about is a strategy that gives people an option for a next step. So whether it’s a top-of-the-funnel offer, guiding people when they’ve read a blog to another piece of preferably related content, or whether it’s something further down that asks people to download something, or register for a webinar. These are offers that you can put into place in your marketing system, and create a cohesive system that works.

So if you have that feeling that your marketing system is broken, and you’re looking for ways to rectify it, I encourage you to go to our website and check out a course that helps you identify ways to do that, and check out our Visible Firm course. Looking forward to seeing you there.



Elizabeth Harr