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This video discusses talent acquisition and recruiting for AEC, why it’s important and how to use your employer brand to attract talent.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Karl, and today we are gonna talk about talent acquisition and recruiting for AEC. So what do we do we need to do to win the war for talent? One, we’ll just start with this pretty competitive market out there. We’ve got a high demand and a low supply of qualified folks coming into our industry, but we know that this is really important because it is a ceiling for new business. So if you wanna provide the quality of work that we need to and have the capacity to build new business, we need to find the right folks.

Also performance is key for our reputation. So even though it’s not a differentiator to say, we are different because our people are great. Our people really, really do matter. It is part of what we do. And considering, you know, for this market, where do you fit on the spectrum? Are you David? Are you Goliath? Are you Goldilocks? The size of your firm and how you approach employer branding is a key place to start.

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So think about what are the targets? What are the types of folks you need to attract both coming into the market, and more senior folks that have been out there for a while? And think about your employer brand position and what makes you different. Make sure that you are building up that infrastructure to support that story. So where can you tell your employer brand story?

And then what can you do to create demand and validate referrals? So one folk say, “Hey go check out this firm, they are great to work with. We’ve got a lot of really good people there.” What in your brand messaging is supporting that referral? And remember that employer branding is a team sport. So up and down, sideways through your organization, it’s important that everybody has the key messages that they can bring into the field with them when they find someone that is a potential recruit.

I hope that helps and I’ll talk to you again soon. Thanks.

Karl Feldman