The Sheridan Group needed a unified, contemporary image to match its adaptive expertise.

First, conducting research

The research helped us identify the firm’s strengths, as well as opportunities to streamline the way they talked about their services.

Second, developing a new brand

The new brand architecture to help communicate the Sheridan Group’s services under a unified brand and simplified name. Now, clients could see that Sheridan was still the same firm, with the same great customer service and flexibility – but their full range of service was easier to understand.

Third, creating a new logo, a new website, and new collateral materials

We created a crisp new logo and tagline that resonated with the firm’s new positioning. We developed a bold new website to carry Sheridan’s message to the world. And new letterhead and business cards would help ensure that Sheridan’s brand presentation remained consistent wherever audiences found it.

Sheridan logo


Logo guidelines


Sheridan website


Sheridan business cards


This was more than a visual overhaul: it was a transformation

Online keyword research and search engine optimization helped us create an online presence that would drive new, qualified traffic.

With a comprehensively revitalized brand and online presence, Sheridan was well-situated for growth, sharing their deep and dynamic expertise even as the publishing industry continued to transform.