What does online marketing success look like? For Claraview, a data analytics firm focused on business intelligence and data warehousing, it looks like a lead-generating website.

Building a high performance website

Hinge’s first step was to establish an overall website architecture and design. The redesigned website, which included graphic design and copy writing by Hinge’s award-winning creative team, would work hand-in-hand with a content marketing strategy, also developed by Hinge.

Content marketing and SEO drive more traffic to the website

Hinge’s content marketing strategy featured a blog that would serve two purposes: educating and adding value to Claraview’s audience, while generating new traffic to the site through the incorporation of SEO techniques; and offer consumers opportunities for increased engagement through downloadable white papers and guides, available through email registration.

And an enhanced social media strategy helps get the word out

Social media would be used to share and promote Claraview’s strong content, and it would be a way to directly engage and communicate with consumers and prospects. Hinge held a social media workshop with Claraview’s team, training them in industry best practices.

The results?


Today, the firm receives lots of red hot leads through their website — opportunities they never had before. In fact, a single website lead produced enough revenue to cover their entire new online investment.