Inside the Buyer’s Brain

Learn what motivates people who buy professional services – and start turning your buyers into believers.

Why do companies select one professional services firm over another? What do they really value in the firms they hire? And how do you build a firm that engages your audience — one that is primed for growth?

What You’ll Learn

  • Several critical gaps separate buyers from sellers
  • How to bridge those gaps and think more like your clients
  • What winners do differently to close the professional services sale
  • How to expand the relationship with your clients
  • Techniques for getting more referrals
  • How to build an engaging brand that stimulates growth

Research-Based insights
In this groundbreaking new book from Hinge, you get answers to these questions and a peek at the research behind them. You’ll learn why there is so much friction between buyers and sellers and what you can do about it. Discover what qualities clients look for in a professional services firm and what one trait will tip the scale in your favor. And find out what changes you can make to attract fiercely loyal clients who will make referrals more often.

Inside the Buyer’s Brain equips you with a new perspective on the professional services marketplace. Once you understand what motivates your target clients and what mistakes to avoid, your firm will have new leverage — and a true advantage — in the marketplace.


What readers say

“Packed with original research, Inside the Buyer’s Brain shows you what buyers really care about so you cane ectively communicate and grow your business.”
David Meerman Scott
Bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“A tour de force… Clearly written and illustrated, this is no-nonsense essential reading for anyone wanting to listen to their customers more closely and align their services accordingly.”
James Beswick
Author of Ranking Number One and founder of One Uproar

“The more certain you are that you know what matters to your buyers, the more you need to read this book.”
Ian Altman
Author of Upside Down Selling and Same Side Selling

“While reading this book, I had the feeling I was in a top tier business school learning from experts who truly understand today’s business marketing landscape. Easy to understand and based on new research, this book is a must-have for any business person’s library!”
Jennifer Abernathy
Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social MediaMarketing and CEO of The Sales Lounge

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