Download the Free Marketing Planning Guide for Professional Services Firms

How do you develop a robust marketing plan that covers all your bases: keeping pace with the marketplace, generating leads, and building your reputation all at once?

We explore the answers to this and other questions in a brand new, fully updated edition of our popular Marketing Planning Guide for Professional Services Firms.

This edition is chock full of new ideas and features, including:

Tips to get you started: When should you start planning? Who should be involved in creating the marketing plan? How can you manage the content development process? We tackle some of your most common questions head on.

Key learning resources: Where do you go to learn more about topics like content marketing, online lead generation, search engine optimization, and developing a personal brand? We’ve compiled a list of top resources to show you the way.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify your firm’s differentiators
  • The right ratio of offline and online marketing tactics
  • How agile project management is changing the way firms create and update marketing plans
  • How to align your plan with your firm’s long-term business objectives
  • Where research fits in, and how you should do it

What’s Inside:

  • Chapter 1: Marketing Then and Now
  • Chapter 2: Which Way Do I Grow? – Deciding Direction
  • Chapter 3: Look Both Ways – The Value of External Research
  • Chapter 4: Message in a Bottle – Creating a Clear Message
  • Chapter 5: “X” Marks the Spot – Making the Marketing Plan
  • Chapter 6: Updating A Traditional Marketing Plan
  • Chapter 7: Turbo-Charging Your Online Plan
  • Chapter 8: Life in the Lead
  • Chapter 9: Conclusion
  • Resources