Navigating Change: A Primer on How AEC Firms are Winning New Business

Many architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms still struggle with the knowledge that–more often than not–by the time they receive an RFP, the buyer already has a preferred provider in mind.

Multiple factors contribute to this phenomenon of RFP issuance as a means to satisfy a prescribed process. And while there are some things that remain outside of a firm’s control, AEC firms have more power and influence on the buying process than you may think.

This Primer consists of 5 chapters and we’ll look at:

  • A different approach to business development
  • Building meaningful brands
  • Conquering the digital divide
  • Talent recruitment & retention
  • Professional support & training

Business development no longer consists of going to networking events and golf outings. It’s an integral part of the sales process that must work in partnership with marketing. While distinct efforts, marketing, business development and sales each affect how the client or prospect journey is experienced.

This primer explores the factors that help AEC firms increase their odds of winning–and provides recommendations on what firms can change today to make a difference in the future growth of their firms.

The Navigating Change Primer is brought to you by the Hinge AEC Team.