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Build a High-Growth, High-Visibility Marketing Program

How do the best-performing experts and firms market themselves differently? At Hinge, we decided to find out. After 10 years of research into thousands of high-growth firms, buyers of professional services and individual experts, we’ve cracked the nut. And we’ve developed two innovative programs that allow you to emulate the leaders in financial services.

For individual experts: Hinge’s Visible Expert® Program is designed to take an individual expert from obscurity to prominence. The program provides a thorough assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, a plan to build on your strengths and generate engagement, and all the tools you need to take your expertise—and your personal brand—to the pinnacle of success. Our research shows that Visible Experts command fees that are between 2 and 13 times higher than average.

For firms: Our Visible Firm® Program equips your firm to become better known—and preferred—by your target audiences. From competitive research and industry benchmarking to positioning and comprehensive marketing strategy, this program is designed to generate results from the start. Used today by many professional services firms (including Hinge, itself), this program just works!

Both of these programs leverage a firm’s existing specialized expertise to achieve greater visibility and growth. Here are the key components of our approach:


  • Research—We investigate your clients and your marketplace
  • Benchmarking—We conduct a 200-point assessment and see how you stack up against other experts
  • Strategy—We define your goals and develop a detailed plan to get you there


  • Infrastructure—Hinge will build, configure and install all the tools you need
  • Training—We teach you everything you need to know to make the program a success
  • Operations—We will run and monitor the program for you until you are ready to take it over


  • Transition—When you are ready, we’ll turn the program over to you
  • Support—We’ll provide all the ongoing reporting, advice and mentoring you need
  • Extensions—Supplemental design and strategy services as your program evolves

Powered by Hinge’s Growth Algorithm™
At the heart of both of these programs is Hinge’s proprietary Growth Algorithm™. This groundbreaking knowledge engine combines research about you and your clients with proprietary industry data from our ongoing study of over 16,000 firms and buyers of professional services. The results allow us to benchmark your firm against high growth firms and identify opportunities to position your firm in the marketplace.