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Hinge University Basic Plan




The Basic Plan includes everything you need to quickly take your marketing skills to a higher level. It’s designed specially for busy professionals who have little spare time but need to master specific tasks or skills.

What’s Included:

How-Tos: We’ve written over 80 How-Tos that provide step-by-step instructions to complete common marketing tasks, understand a key concept or master an important skill. These are designed to be read in 10 minutes or less. And they represent the latest thinking on the topic. We are adding new How-Tos every month.

Quick Start Kits: These are turn-key introductions to a marketing topic. Each includes an overview of the topic and all the practical, step-by-step instructions you need to start using your new knowledge today. Most of these kits can be read in about an hour. And new titles are added on a regular basis.

20% Discount on Courses: Hinge University offers a variety of courses that cover professional services marketing in depth. You can purchase these individually at 20% off the regular price.

10% Discount on Live Workshops: Get customized training for your team or organization.

All this for only $29/month!

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