Finding Experts: Why and How Clients Seek Visible Experts

Our previous research detailed in Inside the Buyer’s Brain revealed the importance of expertise to professional services purchasers. This finding raised the question: Why and how are prospective clients seeking out Visible Experts?

In a new research study on over 1,000 professional services purchasers, we sought to answer this question. We’ve detailed the results in a new research report, “Finding Experts: Why and How Clients Seek Visible Experts.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why professional services buyers seek out Visible Experts
  • The most popular techniques that purchasers use to find Visible Experts
  • How buyers are convinced of expertise
  • The benefits of working with a Visible Expert

What’s Inside: 

  • Why clients seek out Visible Experts
  • How clients find Visible Experts
  • What convinces clients you’re a Visible Expert
  • How clients benefit from working with Visible Experts