Case Story

Data Clairvoyance

Our new content is blowing prospects’ socks off!” — Reuben Vandeventer, CEO, Data Clairvoyance

First Year Results

When this enterprise data management firm reached out to Hinge, a period of strong growth at Data Clairvoyance had begun to slow. But they had big ambitions to grow their business over the coming years. They just needed to figure out how to reach a wider audience and stimulate new interest in their services. That’s where Hinge made a powerful impact.

Pressing the accelerator

Hinge’s Visible Firm program has transformed their business development process and taken Data Clairvoyance to new heights of exposure and credibility. Hinge became a tightly integrated part of their team, running their marketing program for them — from writing blog posts and guides to running their email campaigns and securing speaking engagements.

Today, a new content-centric marketing strategy and high-performance website are driving new levels of visibility, prospect engagement, and revenues. “We’re getting leads every month that turn into closed deals,” says CEO Reuben Vandeventer. In a little over a year, the firm grew from a small player to a major thought leader in the field. And in 2017, the firm was acquired by Infogix, a $130M industry leader. “Hinge was instrumental in making the deal happen,” says Vandeventer.

Data Clairvoyance continues to expand its reach as an autonomous subsidiary of Infogix. “Our brand is starting to grow and mature,” says Data Clairvoyance CEO Reuben Vandeventer, “and it’s helping tremendously in the sales cycle.”



What We Did

Visible Firm Program

Content Strategy
Content Writing
Guide Design & Production
Guest Blogging Outreach
Speaking Engagement Outreach
Keyword Research
Social Media Training & Support
Analytics Reporting
Webinar Support
Email Marketing Setup & Support

High-Performance Website

Online Strategy
Website Development
Offer Strategy
Search Engine Optimization