5 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Fees - SMT

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, is it possible to charge more for your services? In fact, many firms are able to charge above average rates and generate higher profits.

How? At Hinge, our research is uncovering exactly what these firms are doing differently.

Join Sylvia Montgomery, Senior Partner at Hinge, as she explores how the best performing firms command higher fees by marketing smarter.

You’ll learn 5 key marketing strategies these firms use to differentiate themselves, influence perceptions, and improve their margins. And find out how you can implement these same strategies at your firm.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Why a little research can give you a competitive advantage
  • How to strengthen your brand and command higher fees
  • How to attract better, more profitable clients
  • How to encourage more referrals
  • How to make the most of your firm’s experts