2016 Marketing Planning: Building the Visible Firm

The year is quickly winding down. But many firms haven’t started on their 2016 marketing plans yet. That’s no surprise — there are plenty of questions to answer even before you start planning.


Who should be involved in the marketing planning process? What are the most effective offline and online marketing techniques today?

In this webinar, Hinge’s Sylvia Montgomery and Candis Roussel will help your professional services firm get ahead of the curve.

Date: Wednesday, 9/30/2015
Time: 1:00PM EST
Cost: No Cost

The webinar will cover:

  • Understanding where your firm stands in the marketplace
  • Creating a strategic plan moving forward
  • Developing a well-rounded marketing plan, using both offline and online techniques
  • The new skillsets needed in a high-growth marketing department
  • Tracking the performance of your marketing strategy and remaining agile