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Dan Adams, President at The AIM Institute describes his experience with Hinge University:

We created Hinge University to teach busy professionals the strategies and skills used by the fastest-growing firms. Learn everything in bite-size chunks of 10 minutes or less. Even access the University on the go. Start your free trial now!

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What people say

“What a valuable resource for a consultant like me. I wish I could keep it all to myself!”

James Del-Gatto
CEO, Black Slate

“This worked well with my busy schedule. I learned everything I needed — from SEO to positioning to writing copy.”

Marc Foster
VP & Senior Environmental Planner, Cypress Environmental Science & Engineering

“Hinge University gave me the insights and structure I need to take my marketing to the next level!”

Joost Beukers
Partner, Verdonck, Klooster & Associates

What’s Included:

Quick Start Kits

Turn-key introductions to a marketing topic, Quick Start Kits provide a concise introduction to key topics. These kits can be read in about an hour.

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Popular Kits:

  • Blogging Quick Start Kit
  • The Basics of Search Engine Optimization Quick Start Kit
  • Email Marketing Quick Start Kit
  • Differentiation & Positioning Quick Start Kit
  • Building a High Performance Website Quick Start Kit


7-Day FREE trial today now available!


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Library of How-Tos

Over 80 step-by-step How-Tos equip you to master critical marketing skills in 10 minutes or less. They represent the latest thinking on the topic, and we are adding new and updated titles every month.

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Selected How-Tos:

  • Understanding Content Marketing
  • How to Write a Blog Post
  • How to Conduct a Webinar
  • How to Write Your Positioning Statement
  • How to Create a Social Media Calendar
  • How to Set up Google Analytics


7-Day FREE trial today now available!


Video Quick Tips

22 video quick tips to help you learn something new in just a few minutes. Our experts talk you through key concepts and skills, including improving your elevator pitch, differentiating your firm and getting the right referrals.


Our experts are widely published


Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials will guide you through step-by-step how to proceed in any given marketing task at hand.

7-Day FREE trial today now available!