With so many marketing-related articles online, it’s hard to keep up with the best content!  Check out these articles to keep up with some of the recent trends in online marketing.

What You Should Expect From Your Marketing Department

Lee Frederiksen, Hinge Marketing

At times, professional services firms have had strained relationships with their marketing departments. In his post, Lee Frederiksen breaks down the keys to successfully utilizing your marketing department. With a greater understanding of what your marketing team is capable of, you can adequately provide them with the necessary resources. Read the rest of the post for more helpful tips to get the most of your marketing department. 



2 Tough Questions to Ask About Your Content Marketing Strategy

John Tackett, Marketing Sherpa Blog

To have a successful content marketing campaign, your firm needs to give some thought to the reasoning behind it. This post on Marketing Sherpa’s blog walks you through the process of creating a content marketing mission statement, which can ensure all of your content is made with the same goal in mind. 


10 Ways to Boost Your Google Adwords Search Ads Right Now

Jason Nelson, Marketing Profs

While it can be an effective advertising tool, Google Adwords is also a complex program. Creating ad groups and choosing high-performing keywords can be challenging, even if you understand your target audience. This post, complete with plenty of visual aids, provides 10 key steps to make your online advertising even more successful. 


How to Publish on LinkedIn for Maximum Exposure

Henley Wing, Social Media Examiner

LinkedIn is a great social platform for your professional services firm, but only if your target audience sees your content. This post gives you five different tactics that can increase the amount of people that read and share your posts. From what day to publish to who you should publish with, this post gives a variety of helpful tips to help you make the most of LinkedIn.


10 Things You Can Learn From Bad Copy

Cosette Jarrett, KISSmetrics

For most people, it’s easier to point out a poorly written sentence than it is know what exactly makes it so bad. While a few awkward sentences won’t drive away readers, it certainly doesn’t engage them with the copy’s content. This post gives ten tips for quick checks on your copy that could make all the difference. 


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