High-Growth Marketing Techniques for Your Next Speaking Engagement

Hinge’s latest research on high-growth firms gave us some surprising insights. Namely that high-growth firms invest 23% less effort in traditional marketing techniques than their no-growth counterparts.

It goes against convention. How can you invest less, and still get more—11% greater impact to be precise. How do high-growth firms do it? More importantly, how can your firm reap the same rewards?

The findings from our 2016 High Growth Study bring some clarity to this marketing mystery. We found that high-growth firms favor six traditional marketing techniques:

  1. Marketing collateral
  2. Phone marketing
  3. Direct mail
  4. Speaking engagements
  5. Partnership marketing
  6. Conferences and tradeshows

Perhaps one way that high-growth companies realize greater impact with less effort is by following the old adage: Work smarter, not harder. This includes booking speaking engagements and maximizing the marketing opportunities they offer. Within a single speaking engagement, it’s possible to incorporate several of our proven high-growth marketing techniques.

Let’s consider the benefits of a speaking engagement. To start, it puts you in front of a highly targeted and interested audience that is ready to pay attention to what you have to say. Speaking engagements are also a great way to build credibility and establish the visible expertise and thought leadership of your firm. In our recent Referral Marketing Study, we found that more than 37% of respondents would refer someone based on this visible expertise.

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Our high-growth research also showed that speaking engagements offer the greatest return on effort. Having put the effort into securing a speaking spot, you can realize an even greater return by incorporating other traditional marketing techniques. For example, several high-growth marketing techniques can be tackled as part of a single speaking opportunity:

  • Marketing collateral—Marketing collateral can be distributed on seats at an event or as part of a table display. The success of marketing collateral depends on its value to the audience. Design it to pique people’s curiosity and grab their attention. Any information should also be presented in a concise, easy-to-digest format. The content must also be useful or educational. And it should direct the reader to take action. For instance, you can push readers to a unique URL that will provide a free white paper or share a relevant video.
  • Direct mail—Hinge’s research shows that direct mail is one of the marketing techniques still favored by high-growth firms. See if you can get an attendee address list for a one-time follow-up mailing. Be sure what you send is educational—not promotional.
  • Conferences/tradeshows—In addition to visibility, conferences and tradeshows offer opportunities to network and to promote your company’s services. If speaking at your industry’s national conference is currently a bit of stretch, start small with local chapters or regional conferences. If you stick with it, you will be able to work your way up to the national conference in a few years.
  • Partnership marketing—If your firm has developed partnerships with other companies, include them in your speaking engagement strategy. Perhaps one of your partners would like to speak as part of a panel. Panels often appeal to conference planners because they offer a range of perspectives. For speakers, they offer a good way to get to know others within the industry. You and your partner panelists can then cross-promote the event, helping to raise your visibility and attract more attendees.

Even if you incorporate just a few of these traditional marketing techniques into your next speaking engagement, you are sure to realize some of the return on effort noted by high-growth firms.

If approached in a thoughtful, coordinated manner, bundling different high-growth marketing techniques can position you and your firm for long-term high growth.

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