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Candace Frederiksen

Senior Partner

Candace brings her incandescent warmth to work every day. That’s important because she personally trains and oversees our team of researchers. In fact, Candace herself has interviewed hundreds of CEOs and business owners for both major market studies and client projects.

As a member of Hinge’s leadership team, she is responsible for the well-being of the firm’s staff, and she handles a wide range of day-to-day personnel and operational issues at the firm.

A seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of product development, production and project management experience, Candace has managed hundreds of marketing campaigns over the course of her career.

Candace received a Bachelor’s degree in special education from Augustana College and is a published author and speaker. Born and raised in Minnesota, her roots go deep into the permafrost — in fact, she still can’t resist an opportunity to play in the snow.

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Family — including 7 grandchildren
Walking (everywhere)
Cooking with a dear friend